4 Simple Steps To Earn Recurring Income Online From Anywhere

In this article, we will be exploring four simple steps to start earning recurring income online from anywhere with little or no experience at all. Emphasis will also be on what tools can be used, how it is done and why you should be using the same step to make extra money for yourself as well.

4 Simple Steps To Earning Recurring Income Online From Anywhere

Transform your ideas into profit
Build a beautiful, profit-ready website that converts
Get traffic to your website
Find high-paying affiliate programs that relate to your ideal niche market

Simple as that. And you can start seeing a trickle of affiliate commission coming into your PayPal account.
Now for the sake of newbies and more clarifications, let us take these steps one after the other and explain them better.

1- Transform Your Idea Into Profit

Do you know that the human mind is so powerful that you can achieve anything you set your mind to with a positive attitude? Our subconscious mind is a warehouse of skills like a workshop ready to open for business. We all have a hobby or something that interests us a lot. Something that gets us excited. Something we like to talk about a lot. Something we like doing a lot or even have helped people by using such hubby or interest.

Right there is your idea. You can harness that hobby of yours and turn it into an idea. It takes one idea to create one million successful businesses online. And if you don’t have an idea? Don’t worry. Just keep reading to the end you will be glad you stayed.

2- Build a Beautiful and Profit-Ready Website That Converts

Think of your website as your life “storefront” for your business. This second step is very simple and easy and it does not need you to code, design, or program anything. From my experience, I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform very helpful. Building a website is so simple within the platform that it only takes 30 seconds to build a stunning-looking, mobile-friendly and revenue-ready website that converts.

Therefore the second step concludes with you building a website that reflects your hubby or idea. You will need to choose a domain name that will help get your website up in front of Google. And that is by narrowing your niche idea to a specific hobby or skill or something you are good at just as step one suggested. Then create a stunning website in under 30 seconds.

3- Get Traffic To Your Website

Traffic is the lifestream of any business whether it is an online or offline business. With or without experience, you can easily access the possibilities of over 4 billion potential customers if you have the right help and support. People are your business. Without people, you will have nobody to sell or advertise any product to. This third step is very important and quite often people get it wrong but with the right guide, you could be accessing millions of traffic every day.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, for example, there are lots of tailor-made traffic technique training that will help get lots of relevant and targeted customers to your website.

4- Find High Paying Affiliate Programs That Relates To Your Niche

This is the last step and a very important step as this is where the money will start rolling in if you have done it right. Did You just ask how? because according to statistics there are over 598,900,000 products you can instantly sell or promote using your niche website. Remember when I asked you to stay with me even if you have not got an idea of your own? Now you can simply choose from any of these products to promote and by creating a website that reflects affiliate marketing.

In fact, you will be happy to know that affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way to make money online from anywhere these days. Especially if you have the right help and support to set things up and running. I started with Wealthy Affiliate and the amount of help and support is unmatchable anywhere else. Over one million active members who make serious online cannot be wrong.

These days, I go for high-paying affiliate programs only. And so should you. The same effort it takes to promote a $5 product on Amazon is the same effort it takes to promote a $5000 online affiliate program.

What you need is to be part of the right community of people that will help you. I strongly suggest this Academy if you are new to affiliate marketing for it is the most comprehensive and pays daily commissions.

This is why you should be earning extra income online using these four simple steps.


There you have the four simple steps to start earning recurring income online from anywhere. I hope you enjoyed the read. If you have any questions or comments please do share them below. And if you found value here, please do help me share it on your social media networks. Many thanks in advance.

The only limitation we have are those we set for ourselves. There is no limit to what we can achieve if we put our minds to it.

“What the mind of a man can think and believe, that it can achieve” -Napoleon Hill

You can start today…




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