Lead Magnets to Boost Your Opt-In Rates

Many internet marketers often ask about ways to build traffic. But that is the wrong question.

Instead of asking how you can get more traffic to your website, perhaps you ought to ask a different question.

What offer will you make to website visitors to get them to opt-in?

When John Doe visits your website, are you prepared to sell him your products and services?

If he fits your right target market and he does not buy during his visit, how will you ever sell him if you do not know his email address and name?

You see, a common expectation among website owners is visitors are looking to buy. But before you can sell your product and service, you must first develop a relationship with the prospect. To gain trust. Credibility. And security. It takes time and information to convert a lead into a customer.

But most visitors will leave your website, so capturing their email address is the only way you can ever communicate with them again to sell your products and services.

That’s why the first goal of every website owner should be to capture qualified leads. To do this you need two things. An opt-in form. And a lead magnet.

Not just any lead magnet. One that will quickly get the prospect to opt-in.

What is a Lead Magnet?
A lead magnet is a free offer you make in exchange for an email address. Plus, additional information for some offers. Lead magnets are incentives for the prospect to tell you who they are and permission for you to communicate with them by email.

In a sense, a lead magnet should be “an irresistible bribe.” Each party gets what they want. But it’s up to you to continue that relationship after the prospect opts-in.

The Most Important Question About Website Traffic
So, what offer will you make to website visitors to get them to opt-in?

That’s what your lead magnet must deliver. An offer so good to maximize the percent of leads who visit your website to opt-in.

A good lead magnet solves a specific problem with a special solution for your target market.

But for it to have magnetic power, your prospect must be able to see that they can use it and quickly receive its benefits.

There are many types of lead magnets. Here are four types of lead magnets that can help you boost your opt-in rate.

#1: Free Report
A report that provides valuable information to the prospect about a specific problem or solution. The key here is that the content should focus on one thing. The report does not have to be long. But it should contain quality content that fits the prospects needs or desires.

The Free report should have a powerful, persuasive title that you can use in your opt-in form and landing page. Plus, your landing page and form can highlight a few key-benefits the prospect will get from reading the report. A common mistake is to promote the FREE report, without promoting the benefits inside.

#2: Quizzes
Quizzes engage the prospect with curiosity to test his or her knowledge. Furthermore, are a way to interact with the prospect. At the end of the quiz, a simple form appears to ask the prospect to opt-in to receive answers to the quiz that you’ll send to their email address.

A quiz can help you to shift the prospect’s mind to become more curious about what else you can offer.

#3: FREE Trial
A free trial is an enticing way to get prospects to not only opt-in, but also try your product or service. Of course, this type of lead magnet is only if you have a subscription based product or service, or one in which you provide a license for use over a period-of-time in exchange for a fee. Software and newsletters are two such type products and services.

#4: Video Demonstration
A short video demonstration of your product or service, something related, can be a lead magnet. For example, if you provide a cooking class then showing a short video clip of how to prepare one of your recipes can provide great value. The prospect learns something quickly, but also gets to see the value they could get from buying one of your products.

In summary, you can use one or all four types of lead magnets to boost opt-in rates among your website and landing page visitors. Once you know which offer yields the best results, then you can focus on building website traffic.




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