3 Keys to Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing

I often see affiliates struggling to make money with affiliate offers. In order to make money you need traffic to your affiliate site or blog.

There are many ways you can drive traffic but most people fail in most of them.

Most people think that traffic is easy. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting traffic is a mission.

If you’re building a blog or a website around a ClickBank product than there are some things you need to do specifically to get tons of traffic to your site.

1) Find out about how much money you can make each month.

That information is very hard to find online. However you can go to Yahoo Answers, Ask MetaFilter or Reddit which is equivalent to the WIKI online. Find out some ideas about how much money other people can make.

2) Find out about your competition

When you’re deciding on which ClickBank product to go after, it is very important that you choose a product that isn’t too competitive. That is a ClickBank product where the money-making potential is low. That’s because the money-making potential is not as high. So you need to make sure you choose wisely and target the right niche with your offer.

3) Set up your blog or website with relevant keywords
You need to do some keyword research before you can get your site up and running. You need to make sure the keyword density on your site is appropriate.

* Article directories: Articles are great because you can use them to get the right keyword density on your articles.
* Blogs: Make sure your blog has the right amount of keywords for your post.

Most people fail in all of these things and make the mistakes listed above and that is why they fail.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then you can do the things mentioned above.

However if you’ve been doing it awhile then you need to spend some time getting traffic to your blog.




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