Affiliate Marketing With Squidoo

Simply put, affiliate marketing is an agreement between you and a company, to promote their product and receive a commission if someone buys that product. The most successful affiliate marketers are those who have found ingenious ways to generate leads from the very start. to promote your product. What is the cheapest way to generate leads? There are a number of ways to do this, but one way that you are going to find very popular is simply to put up a Squidoo lens with your link and a unique identifier in the URL.

Squidoo is a website that allows you to create lens to promote your products/services. What are the advantages of doing this? Well, you have control over your marketing efforts. You have full access to the audience that comes to your page. You can build your lens around their keywords, so that they only get a leads bulletins when they are in a topic that is related to your lens. This means that you can keep marketing at all times, and you can have as many people as you want to view your product.

How to do a Squidoo lens?

You simply go to Squidoo and sign up. After that you want to choose a topic that is close to your heart. I suggest that you choose a topic, where you already have a large audience, and also know a lot about it. So that you can build a lens around the subject that you already know a lot about. Once you have done this, you need to write an article around your topic. The most important part of this is to make sure that the title is catchy. You need to make sure that your headline attracts people to read more.

After you have written your first article, you need write a follow up series that will keeps your readers interested and motivated to continue to read more.

How to generate a qualified lead?

Now, you need to do something to keep your leads coming back for more. The most popular way to do this is by offering them a free gift, which they can only have if they continue to subscribe to your service.

What is valuable in your free offer?

Here are some things that you can offer your lead:

* First Name * Last Name Exclusive Guide On Finding Your Dream Job

* Secrets To Earn Money Today

* The Secrets To Get Rid Of Your Debt

* Free Membership To An Affiliate Program

Now you need to promote your lens. What is very important is that you need to promote your lens to other people, and also you need to ask your own contacts whether it is a good product that they want to hear about.

How to do a Squidoo lens?

* If you are a member, you simply go to squidoo and create a lens.

* If you are not a member, then you need to go to Squidoo and create lens. Once you have created your lens, then you need to upload it and submit it to the web 2.0 directories.

How to generate a qualified lead?

* There are many web 2.0 directories that you can submit your article to. You can go to article directories such as EzineArticles or GoArticles. These directories will allow you to post your article and can give you the keyword usage that will make your article rank high in the search engines.

* You need to submit it to your local papers. If you live in a rural area, you might need to submit your article to a few places. If you are new, you need to read the rules carefully and submit your article to the directories. After you submit your article to the directories, then you should check that your article has the keyword usage and is properly placed in other articles.]




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