Affiliate Marketing Basics – How Do I Start Selling Affiliate Products?

How to find affiliate programs and products

When you start promoting products online, the first thing is to find a niche that you are interested in. This is the most important thing because you want to promote products you are passionate about, it won’t matter how much you make.

There are 2 ways to find affiliate programs:

Using a keyword analyzer tool

Using the market research tools

Using a keyword analyzer tool

Using a keyword analyzer tool is not so easy. The way it works is you input your keywords into a tool that will help you find products based on your keywords and search term combinations. It will give you a list of keywords and then show you the percentage of people using that keyword to buy the products and also how much you are making with that product.

Once you found your niche and chosen the products you want to promote, you need to enter it in the tool. When you do that, it will give you a list of products that you will promote. When you’re done editing, you need to click on create campaign. Then you should create a zip file and put that zip file in your affiliate marketing folder.

Then you need to go to the market research tools and start researching the people who is looking for what you provide in the market research tools. You need to find out who is the best to provide the products and what type of information they need in order to make a purchasing decision.

Now you need to create your squeeze page. It will be on html format with a big button in the top of the page. When you click on that button, it will start downloading the information on the people who visited your site. Then you need to create a text document with the information, and put the text file in the same folder as your zip file. Then you need to download the keyword tool, and edit it so that you will get only top ranked keywords which won’t have any words in them. And put that text file on your website. So basically you need to edit your keywords so that only top ranked keywords will be downloaded into your website. Also put a short description on the page and upload it in same folder as your zip file.

This is the basic steps how to affiliate marketing tutorial that you can use.




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