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How to get a free traffic for your website ?

This is the question most webmasters ask themselves every day. The truth is that it is possible to get free traffic if you know how to use Google.

The first thing to understand is that Google generates income from banner advertising, selling ads on Google AdWords and other parts of their product offering.

Therefore if you write great articles that contains your website URL and that you submit to the different article directories, then you can potentially get the same type of free traffic as the banner company that pays Google.

Google actually has a whole department dedicated to articles that gets published in the same article directory you submit to. This department handles the incoming links automatically and manually for each directory and article you submit.

Google will also assign a rank to each submission based on the quantity of incoming links to your URL. This automatically determines the popularity of your URL and how important your content is to the web community.

The next thing to understand is that the more incoming links to your site, the more popular you are, and the more popular you are, the more likely that you are to be ranked high in the search engine.

In other words, if you have a ton of incoming links then your website is being discussed all over the internet and therefore will be quickly detected by the search engines.

This in turn will allow you to rank high in the search engine. Google also has a feature that allows you to get top placement for your website even without incoming links, but you will need a ton of incoming links to achieve this.

So, what you need to understand is that it is possible to get traffic without paying for it with the correct article writing.

But don’t get excited with just free traffic.

What you need to realize is that with the right articles, you can generate tons of incoming links. But what that does not mean is that your website will be highly ranked.

Just imagine an article written by yourself on your business website contains your website URL, then every time someone mentions your URL in a forum or a other public forum, people will read your article and post comments, which in turn will generate incoming links to your website.

Even if your article does not have your website URL in it, your URL can still be discovered from the back links in your article.

There are also people that research your article to discover the URLs and write them into their own articles, so in the end your URL can get found in the back links of your articles, which will also give you traffic.

However, if you are writing articles without your website URL in them, your URL will also get discovered over time. Because the article itself, with the help of the anchor text that is being used for the site, will be able to get your URL discovered all over the internet.

The article with your website URL will be able to reveal all those back links. A lot of people will not see that your articles contain your website URL and this will prevent you from getting that traffic.

It is possible to find some people that are interested in your business website and write articles with the URL in it, that way your business website will get more attention.

Do not write business articles that are selling a product or service. Most of the article directories do not allow this type of article. If your article does contain a link to your website, make sure that the link is credible and related to your article.

Always monitor your own article before publishing. You want to have the best title and the most relevant anchor text as it will be easy for you to discover the search engine ranking of your articles.

In addition to the title of the article, ensure that the first paragraph includes the main keyword in it, so that it makes a good anchor text for your article.

You want to make sure that your articles are written in a style that is easy to read, and that they provide some value and excitement to your reader. This will make them want to continue reading the entire article. There are many software available, that can help you to write your articles better. A lot of them can even be used on blogs.

There are many other ways that you can promote your business and get traffic, as well as optimize your articles. These other methods of promotion are not really considered as promotion, but they are ways of providing value to your readers.

You will not get the same type of traffic and they will not give you the traffic as quick as articles that have links in them. You will not have to deal with the issue of article directories not allowing links in your articles, but if you do not want to deal with it, then just write good articles.

These are just a few ways that you can promote your business and get traffic.




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