Are You a Marketer Or an Employee?

Are You a Marketer Or an Employee?

That is the key question to ask yourself as you consider whether you want to become a Marketer or a Contract Worker. It is true that many people already know how to do many things. If you have any knowledge of web design, for example, you can do some Affiliate Marketing.

But, that is only the beginning of what can be done. Many people have talents and skills beyond what is required to do Affiliate Marketing. Some people do it really well, and do it well without a lot of instruction or training. It is possible to do it well without all that expensive training and expensive training products.

I have done it both ways. I know it well enough that I know what to say to people that ask to do a project for me. I do not spend my time writing the sales pages, as I have done in some of the other online businesses. But, I know enough about the process and about the clients to know the risks. I do not spend my time on the technical end of things, but rather on the marketing end. I am a marketer first, and a trainer or consultant second. I would rather not have to write the sales page, and then second I am a marketer.

It costs less than $30 to have your own website put up. I know a man that has a $30 website which sells stuff for more than $400. There is a lot of money to be made with a $30 investment. It is possible to set up an affiliate website for less than $30. The rest of the money goes to the hosting service, which only takes a tiny bit of your commission.

I do not advise you to take this course, but I do want to be an inspiration for you to consider this path. What is the difference between a Marketer and a Contract Worker? The difference is that a marketer has a product you are selling, a website you are selling, a service you are providing, and a identity you are providing, while a contract worker has all of those and has to be compensated for their efforts. The difference is that a marketer has to have the expertise, the training and experience to get it done right, while a contract worker has to be good at what they do to make it work. The difference is that a marketer has a product to sell, while a contract worker has all kinds of different products to sell.

It is also true that you can make a lot of money working as a marketer for companies like Nike, Disney, Google, and others.

* What the Marketers need is more talent on their side. They need marketers, graphic designers, marketers, market researchers, SEO experts, and the list goes on and on. The problem is that they cannot pay you for that. All they can afford to pay are interns and they do not want them to leave for greener pastures because they do not have time to train them to be good market makers. They can afford to pay interns $10 an hour to get the job done, but not $30 to learn how to market. The Marketers need interns who can take orders, who know all the tricks, who can make contacts, who is savvy enough to know how to make use of Social Media, who knows how to make the right decisions. All of that plus good interpersonal skills is what the marketers need, and so they go for intern because they cannot afford to pay someone with all of that.




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