Email Marketing Tips: How to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Matter

Do I need a website for email marketing?

You will need a website for email marketing, unless you want to do it the hard way. The hardest way is to buy software. The second hardest way is to build your own website.

I like the hardest way. I know people who pay $100,000 for software that allows them to build their own website and send a few emails to a few hundred people. I would not pay this amount for anything easy if I were you. It’s an investment, not a free meal.

I’ve done email marketing, and that is the hardest thing in the world I’ve ever done. Even to write this right now, I’m groggy. I could get sick doing it.

It’s not easy. It’s time consuming, and the emails you send have to be clear and concise. They’re boring because they have to be, and you’ve got to have a plan and stick to it.

You’re probably asking yourself what sort of website do I need?

A website is good, sure. You need a website to put your sign up forms out and get people to sign up to your list. But once you’ve started building your list, the majority of the people will sign up through your emails, not because of any link you have on your website.

The best way to keep your website in focus, once you have it up, is to keep it relevant to your business, and your customers’ preferences. It’s not enough to have a few articles with great content, people want to know what you do too. And what do you do? You sell tickets, of course. So you need to sell tickets, tickets to your seminars, tickets to your lectures, tickets to your teleseminars, tickets to your mini-courses, tickets to all your workshops and classes, tickets to your conferences, your schools and institutes, all of your tickets, I mean, every bit of your website, every single inch, should have a tick in the box that says “Tickets”.

Once you’ve done this, and people have signed up to you, then you’ll find they don’t mind you emailing them about, well, whatever you’re into, as long as it’s related to your business and what you do. They might mind you emailing them once or twice a month too, but it’s not that big a deal. They’ll understand. After they’ve signed up to one of your courses, you’ll have a list of the names of every student and every teacher, that you can now add to your mailing list, and send them your monthly newsletters.




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