4 Steps to Promote Your Site Today

Affiliate marketing has been around for a while now. The concept has been tried and tested with varying degrees of success. It has also become part and parcel to modern business as an inexpensive alternative to purchase the product.

The concept is really quite simple. To be an affiliate you have to promote someone elses site. For every person you sell a company or individual earns a commission.

The problem is that the competition for customers online is growing fierce every day. To be successful you need to be seen as an authority. That’s not too difficult as the internet is full of people who want to buy something and have the ability to choose you. The only problem is that they might not like you to be seen as an authority. So how do you go about getting traffic and promoting your site?

Here are some simple steps to get you going.

1. Set up your site. It needs to be something you are really interested in or it will be really difficult to write about.

2. Join an AdWord directory. If you don’t have an idea what I’m talking about, just Google AdWords directory. It will give you a ton of options. Pick the one that is most convenient to you.

3. Sign up for an autoresponder. Again you don’t have to know about this just have the ability to setup.

If you followed the steps exactly you should experience a flood of traffic. This is great because this means you are seen as an expert and your visitors will trust you enough to click on your links. It will also help your conversion rate.

So now you have your autoresponder setup and your traffic on your way. What do you do? Well it is time to promote your site.

1. Write an article – I can’t stress this enough. Your articles need to be a response to a recent news story or article. If you have no news stories or recent articles then just Google ‘recent articles’. You can rewrite the news stories as an article and then post it on your site.
2. Write a review – Just make sure it isn’t a negative review. This is really important and a good reviewer will have an up-line positive review.
3. Write a blog entry – Just make sure it’s about a recent news story or article. There should not be a blog entry from the same date about the same topic.
4. Create a Squidoo lens – Squidoo is one of the best ways to promote your site and create sales. You can use this to promote your blog or news articles. Make sure that the topic is not too controversial because if it is then people won’t want to click on your link.

These are the basic steps to promote your site and get more traffic. I will cover more on promoting your site in another article.





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