Why You need a website for email marketing

Email marketing is a simple concept. However, there are many businesses that still lack a website. It is no longer sufficient to simply have an email address that is accessible from your desktop PC or Laptop without a fuss.

You have to have a website that provides an interactive experience that the customer may be seduced to visit the sites. If there is no website, the customer can’t access your emails and your marketing emails may get thrown in the spam folder.

If your company has no website to provide the best user experience possible, you are better off starting an email marketing campaign and using that site to provide a link to your website which in turn provides a link to your emails.

The website, therefore, provides the best and most engaging user experience. In short, it provides a website for email marketing.

So why don’t I start with a website? Simply because it takes time – time to build a website. And, as we know, in today’s world, time truly is money.

It costs money to get people to your website. And, in today’s world, if you have a website you can offer a free gift in return for their email address (and, hence, for their patronage). And, in return for this you must promise to keep them updated whenever anything happens.

Now, you cannot afford to wait a whole year to start an email marketing campaign (unless, of course, your company is one of those companies that has a big brand name). So, you must begin immediately.

Here’s a list of things I suggest you do immediately.

1. Build a list of all customers that you have had for more than 7 days.
2. Build a list of all customers that have bought something from you more than 1 year ago.
3. Build a list of all customers that have ordered from you more than 12 months ago.
4. Put a link on your website to subscribe to your own opt in list. It’s simple to do, but great to do.
5. Tell your customers who your current contacts are and that you have a subscribe button
6. Tell your customers in newsletters where they can read more emails from you.
7. Let them know that it’s their choice and they can opt out as soon as they become a new contact.
8. Let them know how to unsubscribe.

Now, of course, you need to build relationships with these contacts. It’s true that you must have a long term commitment to your long term customers (as this is a process of building brand loyalty) – but as you’re building your list, it’s also true that tell these contacts why they’re important. Tell them about new products. Tell them about promotions. Tell them about free shipping. Tell them about a special price or promotion. These things build strong relationships with your contacts, and those are the things you want to do with your long term customers. These are the things people read about on the internet, and therefore they’re the things you want to get into your email marketing campaign.

Now, the thing about getting these contacts is that some people are loyal to a specific product. They buy from you. You can’t get another customer by getting a new contact. If your contacts are not loyal to your product, then either they’re going to unsubscribe from your list, or they’re going to buy some other product, rather than buy from you. So, you need to keep your list clean, so people can buy from you, rather than some other supplier.

Once you’ve got a list of customers that are loyal to the product that you’ve got – and they’ve been buying it for over 3 months (this is a long term strategy)), then the next thing you want to do, is send out an email to your contacts.

You should be doing this at least once a week. If you can get that many emails out every week, you’re probably increasing your business, but doing more of it without actually telling your customers what your company is doing.

So, the next email you send to your users is the monthly newsletter. You don’t want to send out too many promotions in one email, as you may end up upsetting people. But, you should also avoid being annoying as well. People will unsubscribe from your list if you’re too much, and you don’t want to do that. You need to provide value, but not stuff that people don’t need.




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